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Player Development Initiatives (PDI's)

6U and 8U Program Guidelines:
Teams play 4 v. 4
No Goalkeepers
No Throw-ins - Pass in

10U Program Guidelines:
Teams play 7 v. 7 including a Goalkeeper
Goalkeeper may NOT punt or drop-kick the ball
No Heading
Build-out Line (BOL) introduced:
* Additional lines on the field half way between the halfway line and the top of the penalty area
* Used to promote development of technical skills
* Opponents MUST move behind BOL when goalkeeper has possession of the ball. (Referee should encourage opponents to retreat.)
* Goalkeeper with ball in possession (in hands), the goalkeeper releases the ball by a throw, roll, or pass.  Punting not allowed.
- If goalkeeper punts the ball the referee stops play and awards IFK to opponents at location where goalkeeper punted the ball.
- If goalkeeper was inside Goal Area, the ball is placed on the Goal Area Line, parallel to the Goal Line, closest to the punt location.
- If goalkeeper kicks/punches the ball rather than trying to collect ball with hands, then play continues as usual.
- Opponents may cross the BOL as soon as the ball is released from the goalkeeper's hands.  If opponent crosses BOL before the goalkeeper releases the ball and then interferes with play restart with IFK where opponent crossed BOL.  (Be proactive to manage situation.)
* Goal Kicks
- Opponents MUST move behind BOL for Goal Kick.
- Per National Rules and Regs: Opponents must be behind BOL. Goal Kick must be played to teammate on goal-side of BOL.  However, if the ball is played over the BOL then let play continue (new for 2018). 
- Ball is in play when it is kicked and leaves Penalty Area.  If there is an infraction retake Goal Kick. 
* Offside - Attacking players can only be offside if they are nearer to the goal they are attacking than the BOL, the ball, and the second to last defender.  

12U Program Guidelines:
Teams play 9 v. 9 including a Goalkeeper
Goalkeeper may NOT punt or drop-kick the ball
No Heading
Buildout Line not used

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